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                                                                   FREMONT SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH_______________________________________

                                                                     Location: 906 E. 1st St (1st and Platte)

                                                                    Fremont, NE 68025

     Did you know that there has been a Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Fremont area since 1877?
      In 1881, the church moved into a building in the city of Fremont itself.  For many years, the Fremont church had no full time minister, but depended on the occasional visiting minister.  These ministers would often leave their families on the farm while traveling by horse & buggy. 
     The beginning of a permanent pastor of the Fremont church started in July of 1947.
     In November of 1950, it was voted on & accepted to purchase our present church (the former Sinai Lutheran church).  And on May 12th, 1951 it was dedicated.
     In 1964, we were known as "a happy, friendly church" and we still carry on that tradition today. We are a small church of around 30 active members, who love sharing God's Word with visitors. "If we love our church, we will think, talk, hear, and read about it. Then knowing and believing Jesus as our Savior, we shall never fall.  But moving onward, pressing to the goal". 
     --- Quote from Elder Tooley, Fremont Church 1964

     In 2002, we added an elevator to our church, to help anyone who can't use the stairs; this elevator goes to all levels of the church.
In 2005, our members got together and created a beautiful "Mother's Room" in the Sanctuary. This is for the use of mother's (or others) who have a child under 2 years of age. We have a speaker inside, and a big window, so you don't have to miss anything, and can still feel a part of the services. 

In 2010 we all got together and remodeled our kitchen, which was way too small for us. Everybody put in a lot of time and effort, but now we have a wonderful place to cook and fellowship