Are You Saved?

Are you saved? If you feel as though you are not, why is that? And do you think the same for others and their salvation? As Christians, we are often told that we must be confident in our salvation or be uncomfortable with it. Some may say that we should be confident because the Bible tells us that we are saved if we believe (John 3:16). Others might say that we should not be confident because we might see salvation as once saved, always saved. But the truth is, both of these viewpoints are true. Salvation is ours. We should be confident in it! But also, we must not confuse our confidence in salvation with our works, for it is in Christ’s grace and love that we are saved, not our works. 1 Timothy 2:4 tells us that God desires all to be saved. If this is true, we should not only be confident that we have salvation in Christ but that others should have that same confidence. We should not look at others and think, are they saved or are they not? We should look at ourselves and others and say, God wants us all to be saved. There is no need to judge ourselves and others. God is our judge, and He desires all to be saved. I pray we all have that confidence in Christ’s grace and love.