Beware the yeast Part 1

A false movement is moving through apostate Christianity in the form of unifying Christians.  It may at first sound good; (as Christians we should all get along), but it is deceptive.  It is proclaimed that different denominations should put aside their doctrinal differences to do the work in harmony.  It is proclaimed that these differences are creating a rift and they should not be discussed.  In His prayer to the Father recorded in John 17, Jesus calls for His children to unify to Him by being sanctified by the Truth as found in His Word.  That way His people are not just a group instead, each individually is attached to Him as the head, thus becoming His body.  As Christians, each one should work out our understanding of God as our first work (Matthew 6:33).  If someone has a different opinion it is okay!  Iron sharpens iron.  Real Truth has nothing to fear from investigation.  Grow toward Jesus, grow toward the light of His Word, seek Him and be as close to Him as you can (James 4:8) and He will be your treasure.